Large Team Duffle set-up


The Large Team Duffle is a silk screened item. Set up charge for silkscreened duffle logos is $50 per color. Most logos are 2, 3 or 4 colors. White counts as a color. If your logo is not on the list, choose “custom logo” to order and upload it at the cart.

You may choose to have a word or phrase printed on the Large Team Duffle instead of your logo. Logo/word or phrase is printed on the side of the Large Team Duffle.

UPLOAD YOUR LOGO AT THE CART. Questions? Contact us, or call us at 415-459-8988 and we will be happy to assist you.


Type your Word or Phrase – i.e. Go Pirates, Mustangs Rule, etc.

Word or Phrase Color

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This is a silk screened item. You MUST put a logo set-up into your cart. See our list of logos and colors. If you don’t see your logo, upload it here or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

You may use the same logo with the same placement on any sport duffle order.

Silk screen printing is used mostly for T-shirts, sweat shirts and jackets and is
printed by hand. Each color uses a separate screen and printing pass. The
more colors printed means the more screens needed and more printed passes
required. Thus the more colors used increases the cost per garment.  Much more vibrant color can be produced with silk screen printing than with other methods and in most cases the print will outlast the garment.

Pros of Screen Printing

1. Cost effective
2. High quality printing
3. Professional looking
4. Long-lasting & durable through multiple wash cycles
5. Easier to print larger prints
6. Easier to print on specific parts of a t-shirt, jackets, hoodies etc.
7. Great for larger orders

Set up charge for silkscreened logos is $50 per color.



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