How many colors is my logo?
You can assess the number of colors your logo has yourself or ask the artist who created it. In most cases, white counts as a color. For decals and labels, white does NOT count as a color, and is explained as such on the product description.

Do you already have my team logo?
You may view a list of the logos we currently have and how many colors it has here: Do we have your team logo?

What if my logo isn’t on the the list?
Upload your logo via the “Upload” button. Make sure it is in vector art form (see “About Vector Art” in the drop down menu under “Upload”. You should then call or email us to confirm that your logo is correct and we will set it up so you can order online. Once your logo is in our system, it will appear in the drop down menu on the page Do we have your logo?

How do the printing methods differ?
You can read about how we “decorate” our products on the Decorations page.

Do I have to belong to a Nica League or team to order?
We will accept orders from anyone within the United States. You do not have to be on a Nica approved league or team.

Why aren’t there more NorCal logo products on your site?
NorCal sells many items at their league races as a fund raiser with the NorCal logo.We will be carrying most of the NorCal school team items with school team logos. Ask us if we don’t have yours!

Why do some products say “Protected” or “This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below”
Some products are for sale only to the leagues so that they may sell to their teams. If you are the director of a league, please call us at 415-459-8988 or contact us to receive your league password.

Why is there a minimum order?
Our prices are the best you can find because we order in bulk quantities. To order just one item with a full color logo is not cost effective for you. All our products are made to order – we do not warehouse any items.

What if I want to return the item once I receive it?
Since our products are custom made for your team or league, we cannot accept returns on items with a logo. We will, however, be glad to accept returns on blank items.

Can I order a sample?
Individual blank wearable samples may be ordered at the basic no logo cost + shipping. Call us to arrange order of samples at 415-459-8988. Because our products are custom made, we can’t offer samples of anything other than blank (no logo) wearables.

How do I use my non-profit status to order so I don’t have to pay the sales tax?
You will need to contact us with your federal tax I.D. tax exempt number. For California, use this coupon code at checkout to receive the 8.5% discount: california non-profit status

What is the best way to contact you if I have a question?
Call us anytime between 9-4pm PST – 415-459-8988, or email us at info@peddlersgear.com

What is the turnaround time on my item?
Turn around times can be viewed on most item descriptions. Below is a generalized chart:

Printed apparel: approximately 7-10 days after artwork approval + shipping time
All Travel Chairs: approximately 9-12 days after artwork approval + shipping time
Cow Bells Regular – 7 working days after artwork approval + shipping time
Embroidered Logo Patches – 3 weeks after artwork approval + shipping time
League License Plate Holders – 6-8 weeks after artwork approval + shipping time (4-6 weeks on repeat orders)

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