There are 4 common methods of decorating garments and accessories with
logos. We build the set up price in on many of our items or require that you add the print set-up charge in your cart.

1. Silk screen printing is used mostly for T-shirts, sweat shirts and jackets and is
printed by hand. Each color uses a separate screen and printing pass. The
more colors printed means the more screens needed and more printed passes
required. Thus the more colors used increases the cost per garment. Silk
screen is good for large runs of items of 48 or more. Set up cost for silk
screening is highest of all the methods to print, but once you get into
higher numbers of garments the price per unit comes down.

2. Embroidering is used for wearable’s such as shirts, jackets, and hats. The
colors used are not as crucial as in the silk screening process. A
computerized program is created (digitized tape) to tell a sewing machine
what color thread is needed to sew the logo pattern. Once a tape is used it
can be used over and over again at no extra cost. The number of stitches
made is the variable cost in the pricing. This method is a more luxurious
look and can be used with minimum setup. To create a tape cost is based on
how complex the design is.

3. Sublimation is newer process used on only certain materials. It prints much
like your laser ink jet printer and dies the material prior to the garments
being made. Cycle jerseys are made by using the sublimation process.

4. Pad printing is a method to imprint items such as cow bells with a
mechanical pad printing device. Color registration is not as exact but set
up and running cost are low.

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