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Optimum Graphics, the parent of, started working with NORCAL, the founding league of NICA, in 2004. As parents of one of the racers, the owners were recruited (drafted) very early in the creation of the league to help with many of the leagues printing needs.

We have created dozens of the items you find in the NICA store today – shirts, belt buckles, and league decals. Being parents and in awe of the unique benefits the cycling league had on our kids, we were driven to provide the highest quality gear at prices reserved for non-profit organizations.

With the formation of, our mission is to make the needs of each team, league and NICA themselves, easier to use and allow everyone in the league to benefit from group pricing. The group volume that NICA presents to our manufacturers allows us to negotiate far better pricing for you.


Peddler’s Gear/NICA Store

144 Barber Avenue

San Anselmo, CA

(415) 459-8988

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